Welcome to our website. Please come in and we hope you enjoy the many beautiful babies God has blessed us with. So many different colors in a tiny furry package. Visit the various pages where our mommy girls  and our daddy dogs are. You will find puppies on our available pages. Most have prices, ages, and names of parents. Visit the kennel pages to see where our kids are raised. We have been raising quality pomeranians since 1962 and the Lord has blessed us with some of the most unusual colors, some of which we have been finished champions before alot of people even knew the color existed in our breed. Tracking down genetics through the years has been a marvelous experience and makes us feel we are working hand in hand creating with our Creator.

As you can probably tell, I am not a professional web designer. I'm not too proficient with computers either, for that matter. My generation was not the "tech" generation. I do enjoy creating so my website is my own creation. There are some who make fun of my  "sparkles", music and my "faith". All I can say is that my site is a part of who I am and I will in no way apologize for that. My faith is what has gotten me through some extremely difficult times and some great losses. I have however also seen my share of miracles on this earthly plane, therefore I have great respect for others' faith.
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Due to age and health limitations, we are doing limited breedings these days. Check our Girl or Boy Puppy pages to see if we have any availabilities. Since we do not breed as often our puppies usually have deposits on them pretty soon after they are born.
We are celebrating 53 years of producing these wonderful Sweethearts.These are ALL pomeranians we have owned throughout our 53 years. Most were bred by us and many of them were finished champions.